Behram Turan / Chairman of the Board

Mr. Turan was born in Iyidere, Rize, Turkey in 1959, moved to Istanbul after completing his primary education, graduated from Haydarpaşa High School in Istanbul, and received his Bachelors of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Istanbul Technical University in 1980. Having awarded a Turkish Government scholarship in 1982, Mr. Turan completed his graduate studies at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, with Master of Science degree in 1984, and pursued advanced studies in Civil and Environmental Engineering in Rutgers and Princeton Universities in New Jersey.

Haluk Gani / Secretary

Mr. Gani was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1980. After graduated from Kartal Anadolu Imam-Hatip Lisesi and Tercuman College, he continued his language education in London. Mr. Gani completed his under graduate degree at Istanbul University on Political Sciences. During his education Mr. Gani worked, fo 1 year, as a trainee on management and organization and 1 year as an assistant of the CEO at reputable and one of the biggest international holding based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Upon completion of his undergrad degree, he started his business career at Maritime Industry. During his professional career, he concluded his MBA on Management and Organization at Marmara University, Istanbul.

In 2006, he moved to the United States in order to earn his degree on Master of Science – Global Business and Transportation at SUNY Maritime College. In 2008 he graduated with honors and upon his graduation he started his professional career in the States.

Mr. Gani is currently working as a Ship and Dry Cargo Broker at the world’s largest independent shipbroking group based in Stamford, CT.

Memis Yetim / Treasurer

MemisYetim was born in Rize/Turkiye in 1969. He completed his primary and secondary school at his homeland Cayeli/Rize. After he got his high school degree from Sisli Imam HatipLisesi in Istanbul, he moved to Cairo, Egypt, and started to study at Al-Azhar University. Mr. Memis has been doing business since he came to NY in 1995. Currently, he lives in NY with his wife and their two children.

Zulkarneyn Vardar / Director

Zulkarneyn Vardar was born in Skopje, Macedonia in 1962. He received a BA in 1990 from Al-Azhar University, and PhD Degree in 2013 from Graduate Theological Foundation. “Hafiz” Mr. Vardar is cofounder and chair of Albanian Islamic Cultural Centers and Private Miraj Islamic Schools. He speaks 4 languages: English, Albanian, Turkish and Arabic. Currently, Mr. Vardar lives in Staten Island, NY with his wife and their five kids.

Esra Albayrak / Director

Mrs. Albayrak was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1983. Mrs. Albayrak earned her middle and high school diplomas from Kadikoy Imam-Hatip Lisesi in 2000. Mrs. Albayrak attended Indiana University Bloomington and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and History in 2003. She completed her PhD at University of California Berkeley in 2014 on Sociology. Mrs. Albayrak still works on her academic career and focuses relationship between religion & government, democracy and non-governmental organizations.

Besides working on her academic career, Mrs. Albayrak is board member of Turkish Green Crescent and supports non-governmental organizations. Mrs. Albayrak is married and mother of 3 children.

Melike Kabatas / Director

Mustafa Ilbeyli / Director

Mustafa Ilbeyli was born in Istanbul in 1981. He graduated from Sakarya University with a degree in Business Management in 2003 and he completed his MBA degree at University of Houston in 2010.

Mr. Ilbeyli started his professional career in US in 2004, holding a position of Regional Marketing Director at UJ Trading and continued there until 2011. He returned to Turkey in late 2011 as a project Director at ISPAT in charge of coordinating US investments into Turkey. He was appointed as advisor to ISPAT for East Coast US in October 2014 and he is based in New York City.

H. Ibrahim Bacaci / Director

Mr.BACACI was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1979 and he still lives there. He graduated and received his Law degree from Galatasaray University and studied at Marmara University for LLM degree of Public Law. During his Law studies he also attended and took courses both at Universite de Franche-Comte in France and Indiana University Bloomington in USA.

As a businessman and an entrepreneur, MR. BACACI has been working for 15 years and he has investments in several sectors like International Trade, Service and Real Estate. As a devoted volunteer for NPOs and NGOs, he has been working as a Board Member of Ensar Foundation and İlimYaymaCemiyeti. Mr. BACACI is also a member of Istanbul Bar Association and MUSIAD which is a businessman association based in Istanbul. He has played a proactive role in founding Turken Foundation. Mr. BACACI is married and has three children.

Selim Cakir / Director

Selim Cakir studied economics at Fatih University and had an MA degree in International Business at Bournemouth University. He is working as a managing partner in Cakiroglu Insaat for 8 years. He is married and has two daughters. He is a founder of Ensar Foundation and he has been a member since 2007 and a vice president since 2013.

Omer Faruk Albayrak / Director

Our Board Member, Mr. Faruk Albayrak was born in 1980 in Istanbul. He studied economics and construction management. Mr. Albayrak is based in Istanbul and travelling quite often to the USA. He is a serial entrepreneur and since founding his business in Istanbul in 2008, he has been considered as an inspiring young entrepreneur. Following the Hadith of Prophet Muhammed (SAW), Mr. Albayrak believes that “The best of people are those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind”. This is his motivation to participate and serve actively the community by working for “Ensar Foundation” as a board member as well.

Ahmet Bayraktutar / Director

Mr.Bayraktutar was born in Izmit, Turkey in 1982. After graduated from Kartal Anadolu Imam-Hatip Lisesi, Mr. Bayraktutar graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University with a BA in Political Science. Mr. Bayraktutar earned his Master’s degree in Human Resources Management at Marmara University. He is still a PhD student at Istanbul University and studies Business Management and Organization.

Mr. Bayraktutar worked for Management and Human Resources Consulting firm as a project director and general manager. Since 2011, Mr. Bayraktutar is an executive board member at Star Media Group.

Mr. Bayraktutar is board member of Business and Professional Consultants Association and Kartal Anadolu IHL Graduates and Members Association.