Dear Students,

In June 2014, TURKEN Foundation was established in the United States in order to provide safe, supportive, and culturally sensitive housing opportunities to Muslim students. Since its establishment, TURKEN Foundation has become the center of interest of the Muslim youth throughout the States.

One of the major challenges for foreign students is to find affordable and safe “housing”. TURKEN Foundation has been striving to provide the Muslim youth with peaceful, clean, and secure housing opportunities while the students fully focus on their quality of education. In order to meet the expectations and its vision, TURKEN Foundation has already initiated its housing services in five different States. Our immediate plan is to expand the services related to the housing facilities to other States.

Our flagship project called “TURKEN House” will be a unique housing opportunity in New York City. We are expecting to do grand opening by second half of 2019. TURKEN House capacity will be around 200 students. The facility will include conference rooms, social activity areas, single or double occupancy rooms and a large, private praying area which will give our students privacy and cultural respect they deserve.

Besides housing services, TURKEN Foundation promoters an enhanced value to educational, social and cultural aspects of a student life. TURKEN Foundation organizes weekly and monthly conferences and exchange programs to bridge the students cultural diversities. Also, TURKEN Foundation creates community outreach programs to establish wide network and strong bond with the community for our noble cause.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our donors and supporters for all their help and hard work over the last years.

Behram Turan