Turken Foundation established in 2014 in the United States by Turkey’s two major foundations, Ensar Foundation (established in 1979) and TURGEV (established in 1996). To assist eligible students by means of housing, scholarship and other cultural programs to improve their educational experience in the United States


Our vision is to help prepare an outstanding educational atmosphere for the students, scholars and researchers. Turken Foundation enables students, scholars, researchers to realize both their full potential and the available services in the United States. Turken also assist to them at any kind of problem.


Missions of Turken Foundation are:

To provide safe, supportive and culturally appropriate housing for the Muslim students,

To provide cultural, social and educational opportunities and experiences for the Muslim students,

To promote cross-cultural relationships and understanding between various Muslim students’ cultures and American culture and tradition.

Briefly, Turken Foundation houses will support the spiritual, academic, personal and social development of the students with certain principles and procedures in accordance with the foundation’s vision and mission.


We would like to achieve an academic excellence, adjustment of the culture and leadership behaviors possible.

We hope that our students will reach outstanding results and we expect to have morally strong, ethically correct, mentally democrat, perfectly well-adjusted and academically highly qualified social leaders.